For over 40 years, ETC ‘s comprehensive Occupational Hearing Conservation Courses have attracted occupational health nurses, personnel and safety directors, industrial hygienists, and others.  This course is designed to train personnel who administer hearing tests. You will also learn what it takes to establish and maintain a hearing conservation program.

Course Content

The courses include all topics required by the CAOHC guidelines as well as lectures on other topics of importance to hearing conservation. We emphasize especially:

  • OSHA Hearing Conservation Standard
  • Medical-Legal Aspects of Hearing Loss
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Education/Training
  • Selection and Fitting of Hearing Protection
  • Record Keeping

Three-Day Course

The three-day course is designed to teach the skills necessary to establish and maintain an effective hearing conservation program that will meet and exceed OSHA standards and individual state requirements. The course consist of 20 hours of lecture, demonstration, and supervised practice in audiometric testing.  A student must score a passing grade on the standardized exam in order to become a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (COHC).

Upon successful completion of this course you will have the knowledge:

    • To establish and maintain an effective OSHA-compliant hearing conservation program
    • To fit hearing protection and evaluate its effectiveness
    • To  administer valid hearing tests
    • To conduct required employee exposure monitoring
    • To educate/train/counsel your employees
    • To recognize potential worker’s compensation liability for noise-induced hearing loss according to individual state regulations.

One-Day Course

For previously certified technicians as well as others already involved in hearing conservation, this one-day session provides participants with the opportunity to exchange information and experiences with other professionals and to update themselves technically.  Course content emphasizes current OSHA and state standards, trends in worker’s compensation, selection and fitting of hearing protection, and review of audiogram validation. The program runs concurrently with the three-day course.

*If you have not attended a CAOHC-approved course within the past 5 years, you must attend the entire 3-day course to be recertified.


Courses are also available for your organization or company. Please contact us for details.